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Even if am in love ,there wld be a point in time where there wld be an arguement of d "jobs". , he is so out of d setting urself up for sadness/pain if u marry him ( or her sef)Note for everybody: A blue-collar worker is a working class employee who performs manual or technical labor, such as in a factory or in technical maintenance "trades," in contrast to a white-collar worker, who does non-manual work generally at a desk. meaning am looking for a degree holder like myself.omogenikky, i did just like u posted, I did not underestimate the powers of attraction or love. Came out of university with a good job with Lucent Technologies but got laid off during the peak of lay offs in america 2000-2001, so he did some manual jobs just like everyone else who didn't think about saving for emergencies. Look at Diddy who started by working for free getting coffee for people.